What if there was a way to make these hopeful words a reality?

Through a girl… Invest in her education and she will do the rest.

Education promotes tolerance. Education helps people to understand democracy, promotes the tolerance and trust that underpin it, and motivates people to participate in the political life of their societies.

Education empowers women. Educated girls and young women are more likely to know their rights and to have the confidence to claim them.

Education equality improves job opportunities and increases economic growth. Over 40 years, per capita income would be 23% higher in a country with equality in education.

Education is part of the solution to environmental problems. People with more education are more likely to use energy and water more efficiently and to recycle household waste.

Education saves mothers’ lives. If all women were equipped with just a primary education, maternal deaths would be cut by two-thirds, saving 189,000 women’s lives each year.

Education saves children’s lives. If all women in poor countries completed primary education, child mortality would drop by a sixth, saving almost one million lives each year. If they all had a secondary education, this rate would be halved, saving three million lives.

Some childhood diseases are preventable but not without education. Simple solutions, such as malaria nets and clean water, can prevent some of the worst child diseases, but only if mothers are taught to use them.*

Invest in a girl’s education today through an online donation to 60 million girls – a deeply meaningful gift for your family or friends. Acknowledgement cards can be sent to recipients by providing us with their name and full mailing address.

Thank you for your support of 60 million girls. We wish you all a wonderful holiday season.

*All statistics based on UNESCO’s Education for All Global Monitoring Report 2013/4.

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